Today´s Market June 20, 2013


As mentioned yesterday, today we saw a bloodshed in the market with losses well above 2% in the Dow, S&P 500 and the Nasdaq. We thought today we were going to have a down market but it well surpassed our expectations. The Fed will soon end its accommodative policies, therefore the market is adjusting its QE induced profits. Hopefully the adjustment will be quick allowing the markets to move on economic news as well as stock fundamentals.  We are changing our prefered trade; as of today we prefer to go long on dips.

Today´s Profit USD 400   (Portfolio Size: USD 25,000)

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Today´s Market June 17, 2006


What a day!!! The market opened higher and kept going strong  only to retrace fast most of the upside before rebounding . At one point the NDX-100 was up over 45 points  at 2988, then it  sprinted lower returning 33 points  and closed at 2974. This week will be marked with a high degree of volatility as on Wednesday we will hear from Mr. Bernake. Continuing with our strategy, we shorted on spikes and were able to close our positions when it corrected, but must admit that at one point we thought we were going  home with a loss.  For the time being our prefered trade is short on spikes.

Today´s Profit: USD 480  (Portfolio Size 25,000)