Today´s Market July 19, 2003


As Google and Microsoft earnings report came out badly, to say the least, the NDX-100 opened with a 30 point loss and drifted lower to close 1.07% negative. Amazingly the SP-500 and the Dow feared much better closing  at 0.16% positive and 0.03% negative   respectively. As we have been mentioning the market is in overbought territory and is susceptible to any bad news. Amazingly enough, the downward move was ignited by Google and Microsoft instead of Detroit´s bankruptcy protection filing; we are talking of a major US city, the car capital of the world !!!  On the energy front,  WTI was very volatile closing 0.22% positive remaining  overpriced.  We took advantage of the stock market as well as WTI volatility  to close open positions. We maintain the view that the market is still at lofty levels, therefore prefer shorts on spikes.

Today´s Profit USD 350   (Portfolio Size: USD 25,000)

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Today´s Market June 20, 2013


As mentioned yesterday, today we saw a bloodshed in the market with losses well above 2% in the Dow, S&P 500 and the Nasdaq. We thought today we were going to have a down market but it well surpassed our expectations. The Fed will soon end its accommodative policies, therefore the market is adjusting its QE induced profits. Hopefully the adjustment will be quick allowing the markets to move on economic news as well as stock fundamentals.  We are changing our prefered trade; as of today we prefer to go long on dips.

Today´s Profit USD 400   (Portfolio Size: USD 25,000)

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Today´s Market June 12, 2013


The market opened higher trying to recoup some of yesterday´s losses but was not strong enough and ended significantly  lower, reaffirming our strategy to short the NDX on spikes, but at current levels we are cautios as any good economic news may give the market an opportunity to rally. The Dow posted  for the first time this year 3 consecutively negative closings  breaking 15,000 as everybody is worried that central bank stimulus is winding down.

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