Today´s Market July 17, 2013


Today´s market activity was very choppy closing 0.25% positive as Mr. Bernanke gave his testimony in Capitol Hill. He stated that outcoming data  will determine QE tapering and that  accommodative policies will persist for the forseeable future.  As stated in Bloomberg : “We’re going to be responding to the data,” Bernanke said today to the House Financial Services Committee. “If the data are stronger than we expect, we’ll move more quickly” to reduce purchases. If data “don’t meet the kinds of expectations we have about where the economy’s going, then we would delay that process or potentially increase purchases for a time.”  On the economic front housing starts came in lower wich should have resulted in a lower market.  Our strategy work well today and we prefer to short on spikes.

Today´s Profit USD 310   (Portfolio Size: USD 25,000)

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Today´s Market June 24, 2013


The market traded lower soon after the opening. The sell orders were intense and any attempt to rebound was met with selling pressure, reaching almost a 2% loss. At noon the market traded higher closing the day at a negative 1%, proving our approach of buying on down pressure quite succesful. At this levels we recommend caution but our stance remains the same (long on selling pressure).  Market participants are very nervous as a result of the  recent announcement from the FED and dire economic news out of China.  We hope trading resumes to normal trading patterns with less volatility!!! For the remainder of the week we will trade less as to maintain current profits.

Today´s Profit USD 335  (Portfolio Size: USD 25,000)

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